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Ode to @KwikFit – Knights in oily overalls!

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kwik fit


As a female driver, I become terribly anxious when things go wrong with my car. I drive that Mini everywhere, and my intention is to keep doing so until the wheels fall off. (Well not literally fall off – but you know what I mean!)

I am also a stickler for good service. Actually, that is not really true. I want GREAT service – especially from the motor trade. The automotive aftermarket is an industry I know very, very well. In the past 10 years, I spent about 75% of my time working with companies (Parts factors, manufacturing companies, distributors) involved in the automotive parts distribution aftermarket.

With a quick calculation, I guess I have recruited and placed about 500 people (Or more) into the aftermarket in the past ten years. They range from MDs and CEOs at the top of some very well-known brands, down to graduates and Junior Sales Advisors in branch based jobs.

My knowledge and experience of this market probably skews my expectations when it comes to service. I know what they expect from me when I have to deliver. Likewise, I know what I expect from them when I need service.

So to the current situation: There is nothing as annoying as a distressed female driver! Yesterday, I got to my car at 5-00pm after a hard consultancy day, to find the left back tyre as flat as a pancake. I even annoyed myself with my panic-stricken reaction: I don’t know how to change a tyre (Yes, I know that’s lame for someone who claims to know the industry inside out) and I don’t have a knight in shining armour on standby to come and rescue me.

So I did the obvious thing, once the panic had subsided: I used my iPhone to google the nearest KwikFit.

As it happens, KwikFit Bracknell was directly on my route home. I got there at 5.1.5 pm.

There were 3 other customers already waiting for their vehicles, so I could see they were busy.

A friendly bloke in a very greasy overall (Well, it was almost home time after all. He had been working all day!)  said they were too busy. But I think he could see my panic and distress. Or maybe the fact that I simply begged changed his mind. He told me it will take about an hour. Clearly, waiting was the best option for me.

Anyway, he agreed to take a look. In no time at all, my car was up on the lift. Half an hour later, I was on my way home, £26 poorer but with the nail removed from my wheel and the puncture repaired.

For a change, I left feeling like a happy customer. The staff were helpful, efficient and honest. They didn’t faff about and simply got on with the job, despite being busy and distracted by the other work they were already doing. And they really, really helped me out.

And I am grateful. Thank you KwikFit.

Written by Cathy Richardson

June 25, 2015 at 2:46 pm

Posted in Recruitment

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