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Definitive Guide to Job Hunting 23: Beware of Covering letters!

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Word for word, without addition, subtraction or editing, this is a copy of a covering letter I recently received:

“good morning all just a quick covering letter  about me i have worked in the motor trade from leaving school starting as yts in goods  in ward ,andthen to having my own area to work in from age 19 , to the present time i have cover  the follow areas from shrophire staffordshire cheshire derbyshire manchester”

The accompanying CV goes on in exactly the same vein: No punctuation, capitalisation, in fact no common sense.

Needless to say, I rapidly hit the DELETE key.

If you are going to write a covering letter, make sure it adds value to your application. Don’t rehash your CV, all the details should already be in it. And remember that your covering letter might be separated from your CV at some point (On a database, for example) so don’t put anything in it that is crucial to your application without making sure it’s in your CV too. Your covering letter should qualify your application: Why you feel you are suitable, and why they should interview you. Don’t write too much, just enough to make it clear why you think you are suitable for the role, and of course ask for the opportunity to discuss this further in a face to face interview.

Most importantly: Your covering letter, just like your CV, is a reflection of who you are. If you write and send a shoddy covering letter, you are likely to do a shoddy job. So your application is not likely to go very far!


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