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Definitive Guide to Job Hunting 18: Interview tips (Continued from last week)

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Continuing the interview tips offered by Toastmasters International, let’s talk about the personal elements of the interview so that you can channel those nerves and be your best. Make the interview experience work for you, and get that job!

Be Yourself

One of the most important interview techniques is to be authentic. Otherwise, you will be lost during the conversation trying to remember how you started out!

You want to be positive and enthusiastic, but your words must always sound natural. If you’re not being yourself, you won’t know if you’re the right fit. Remember, it’s just as important for you to decide whether you fit into the organisation as it is for the potential employer to decide. If either party feels uncomfortable with the real you and the real them, then it’s a good indicator to keep looking.

However, you always want to be your most professional self at all times. Turn off mobile phones and noisemakers, and stay focussed on the interview and interviewer.

But don’t be too formal. Try to get the balance right between being warm, friendly and open with being professional, detailed and focussed.

The money question

Never discuss salary during the interview. Rather wait until the time is right before talking about money, perhaps once you know an offer will be extended or that you have been successful. You have more influence when you know you are the candidate of choice. If the interviewer raises the question, answer it specifically but then try to redirect the conversation to other topics to avoid being caught up in a negotiation before you even have an offer. Not all interviewers are highly experienced – Talking about money too early can kill the process for both parties because ultimately, it is not only about the salary, a job offer is about an exchange of values.

NEXT WEEK: Sample questions to ask at the interview


Written by Cathy Richardson

June 15, 2011 at 9:00 am

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