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Definitive Guide to Job Hunting 13: Photos in CVs

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Over the several years I have worked in recruitment, the general format and content of CVs have changed dramatically. A relatively recent development is the inclusion of a photograph in the CV.

In Germany, it is highly acceptable (And often expected) to have a photo in the lebenslauf (CV). People get them done professionally and it shows. German pictures are professional, highly corporate and shows the incumbent usually dressed in corporate attire with collar and tie or similar, looking competent, capable and ready for business. A bad photo is not tolerated because it will cost the owner dearly.

I dare say I have not seen the same photo quality here in the UK. The pictures range from corporate and professional, through to wind-swept on a hill-side, in action man mode on a motor cycle, sultry posing with red lipstick, and everything in between. Not to mention the self-taken ones from PC cameras! Job hunting is not a beauty contest, so why on earth would anyone  include a photo on a CV that makes them look like  a pervert in an internet chatroom?

If my customers saw some of these pictures, they would throw the CVs in the bin after picking themselves up from the floor laughing.

So I religiously remove photos from all CVs. Not only because they are at risk of creating totally the wrong impression with the hiring client, but also because they wreck my database. Most recruitment databases are designed to accommodate text documents, and pdfs or large picture files play havoc with the search functions.

My advice to all candidates out there job searching would be never, ever to put their photo on their CV. Finding a job has nothing to do with how you look and everything to do with your skill set and experience. Instead, use the space to maximise your transferable skills and to communicate how you will add value through a concise, sharp personal statement.

The old adage of  “a picture speak a thousand words” does not hold true in this case: Unless you look like Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie, or work in the entertainment industry, a photo on your CV is a liability.


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