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Challenging the status quo in 2011!

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As 2011 starts, so do I have plans to make changes that will have a real impact on CR Associates and how we support our national client base.

For years now, I have questioned the real value of bricks and mortar recruitment agencies and how the overheads impact on the fees ultimately charged to their clients. For me, the fee should reflect the value of the service rendered and not the overheads of the recruiter.

Recruitment is first and foremost about people. People are about communication. And any consultancy business is dependent on the quality of its communication strategy, especially in recruitment where soft skills are sometimes more important than anything else.

The Internet offers an excellent and low-cost avenue to communicate globally, and it makes sense for a UK-based recruiter to integrate this with the traditional verbal and face to face communication mechanisms. It allows around the clock contact, when clients and candidates are free to communicate from wherever they are. It makes sense for the recruiter to be able to do the same.

So in 2011, CR Associates will be going virtual and viral. In the first quarter, there will be exciting launches on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. There will be a new and improved set of blogs aimed at diversified audiences to share information, job search advice and vacancies. We will be launching a quarterly newsletter and monthly Good People Mailers to keep our clients and candidates informed of changes in the market. This will sit alongside our current strategy of networking and vacancy advertising that gives us presence on all the largest jobs boards in the UK. Of course, the core of this all links back to our website>

The main aim of this will be to give an open communications platform that will improve our accessibility for candidates and clients. But as always, there will be an experienced and common sense person to talk to and meet CR Associates will always be about personalised service first!

Watch this space for more news to come!

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