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Excellent Graduate job! Mobility Rehabilitation Engineer

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This is a wonderful opportunity for a recent graduate to establish their career in a diverse and clinically challenging environment.

Our client is an innovator in the area of mobility and independent living aids.

They have an exciting contract as the Sole Strategic supply partner of wheelchairs to the national childrens charity Whizz Kidz . Together their aim is to ensure more children have access to a choice of mobility equipment to ensure they are able to lead an active and inclusive life.  

To support this activity, they now need two Rehabilitation Engineers to work as part of the team that service the Whizz Kidz contract across the UK, private individuals, other contracts and to develop new business opportunities. 

The ideal candidates will be a recent graduate with a relevant degree (Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Engineering) or similar qualifications and who ideally also have some commercial / business qualification or relevant experience. 

The roles will be based from the Head Office in Surrey but will require extensive travel across the UK to meet with clients and suppliers.  Successful applicants must have a full driving licence and be eligible for insurance to drive one of our company vehicles.

Successful applicants must complete an Enhanced CRB Disclosure and be eligible to be approved by the Vetting and Barring Scheme.

For more information, please send your CV to

We regret that we can only respond to successful applications.

3 Great new jobs: Sales Manager (Automotive OE / Tier 1)

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At last! Some good news in the manufacturing industry presents an excellent opportunity for 3 Sales professionals to join a major brand in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Our client is one of the most recognised names in the automotive industry, with both a strong OE manufactured offering and an aftermarket distribution business to support the work they do with the Vehicle manufacturers in Europe.

As part of a new growth and development strategy, they need 3 well-developed Sales Managers to join their team, with a view to actively pursue the opportunities that exist to grow sales.

You will be targeting the Vehicle Manufacturers to further develop and expand their product offering in the OE market, providing designed and manufactured solutions to the changing demands of the automotive manufacturing environment.

The ideal candidate will be a career sales person, with a track record of success in technical business development in the automotive industry. You will have personal impact and credibility, with a strategic approach to developing new business within the major VM’s (E.g. Ford, BMW, Honda). Product experience within fuels or fuel systems, exhausts and powertrain is desirable but not essential.

In return, the company offers an excellent remuneration package, opportunities for real career advancement and the opportunity to align with one of the largest automotive brand in Europe.

For more information, please send your CV to, or call Cathy Richardson on 0845 269 9085 for a confidential discussion.

Discrimination – The recruitment black hole

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How to stay within the law

Unemployment rates remain high, but the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) reports that more private firms are planning to recruit staff in 2010 than last year.

Any company thinking of recruiting in the near future should be aware that changes to various parts of discrimination law in the past five years makes it an offence not only to discriminate against employees, but people who are interviewed for jobs. In fact discrimination law applies to every part of the recruitment process from job advertisement through to candidate selection to interview and offer/rejection.

This responsibility does not only fall to the HR department: Every person involved in the recruitment process are compelled to comply with the legal requirements to avoid discrimination and potential litigation.

It is illegal to discriminate against age, gender, pregnancy, married or civil partner status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic origins and national origins, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability. Each of these areas is covered by a separate section of legislation and it is very easy to fall foul of the law by using wording, treatment or documentation that is contrary to the legal requirements.

Its is also important to note that not intending to discriminate is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

Hiring employers are recommended to document the recruitment process to ensure objective, consistent and structured decision-making. This applies equally to recruitment agencies. Also, an employer must always be able to justify their decision in recruiting a particular person in case of an application to an employment tribunal. If the issue reached a tribunal, you would have to provide evidence showing how and why you reached your decision, and tribunals place more weight on documented evidence than on oral witness. Please note that in some cases, it is not even necessary for the candidate to have applied for the job in order to be discriminated against – Job ads that hint at or contain potentially discriminatory or exclusionary text will stand up in a court of law.

Best practice

It is very important to have an equality policy in place, and to feed this through all the steps of the recruitment process:

  • Job advertisement. It is unlawful for a job advertisement to specify that the applicant must be of a particular age, gender, race, etc – unless being of that gender, race, etc is a genuine occupational requirement/qualification.* (Words like young, mother language, etc. can be construed as potentially discriminatory)
  • Job specification. Identify the qualifications, skills and experience required for the job, eg NVQ level or equivalent, customer handling with experience of difficult situations.  Anything that is not specific to the job should be excluded.
  • Person specification. Identify the personal qualities required for the job, eg focus, persistence, determination. You can set out any genuine occupational requirements or qualifications, but do not ask for any that are unrelated to the job. For example it would be discriminatory to ask for good written English, where this was not required to do the job.  
  • Application forms. Only ask for the minimum of personal details. However, there may be certain information you need to ask for in order to avoid discrimination during the selection process. For example, you should ask applicants to indicate if they have any special requirements should they be shortlisted for interview, but asking for their date of birth or marital status might be potentially discriminatory.

Structured process

A well-structured process actually aids decision-making and delivers an objective hiring decision. It is important to document each step:

  • Short list creation. You should document how the choice was made in accordance with the objective criteria listed in the job and person descriptions.
  • Interview notes. Keep a record of how the interviewees performed in relation to questions based on the objective criteria. When interviewing people for a job there are certain questions you should not ask, such as whether a candidate is married, is a partner in a same-sex civil partnership or whether they have plans to have children.
  • Selection decision. Note down how the successful candidate was selected in relation to the objective criteria.

Dealing with Recruitment Agencies

How does your agency respond to the implications of discrimination in recruitment? Recruiters with up to date professional qualifications are likely to be aware of the requirements of legislation pertaining to the recruitment process. If they don’t the implications for client and candidate alike can be severe.



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