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A #HFUK success story: It works!

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This lovely e-mail pooped into my Inbox yesterday: Testament that using Twitter with the #HFUK hashtag to tell the world about your job search really works!

“Hello my name is Elizabeth Styles and I recently used your #hfuk hashtag to try and help my other half to get a job and wanted to tell of the success I have had so far!  Laura Barnet (@scotlandjobs) is the one who directed me towards using it, and is the one who pointed me in your direction!

My other half is a computing science graduate from Aberdeen Uni who is buried under finishing his disseration and has been looking left, right and center for jobs around Edinburgh but so far – hasn’t really found anything suitable for a graduate.

I was talking to Laura about this and she pointed me towards the HFUK hashtag and figured, well, I  am pretty involved – the worst that happens is I give it a go and nothing comes of it!

So last Friday I sent out the following tweet:

 @cronvek: #HIREFRIDAYUK anyone looking for a computing science graduate who has done Java, Android, some Iphone dev ? #HFUK

Kinda left it at that, hoping that some people might recommend some websites or maybe even, if we are lucky, point at us at some jobs.

I wasn’t prepared for the immediate retweets I got following on from that – and the three sudden direct messages in my box asking me for a CV 🙂 sadly I was a bit vague on my tweet and didn’t make it clear it wasn’t me who was looking but in the end I got 6 email addresses to send a CV to, which we have done and awaiting on replys!  Already this has increased our success in the job hunt easily two-fold!

Our biggest fear this year has been that the job market, with the recession, has been very quiet for computing jobs for graduates and there was nothing out there – this has really boosted my confidence in the hopes of the job market and more importantly, seeing the ability of twitter for job recruitment from the job-hunting perspective rather than the recruiter… definitely will be using the #HFUK in the future!  A bit of trial-and-error on how to get 140 characters of information about your skills is hard but I can see this becoming very popular, very quickly!

Liz Styles

Written by Cathy Richardson

May 21, 2010 at 7:12 am

Posted in Recruitment

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