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What information about job hunting and/or redundancy would have helped you at the start of your journey?

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Since writing the short blog series “Definitive Guide to Job Hunting” giving a direct and specific account of how to deal with the current job seeking market, I have been inundated with replies and requests for information.

The blog received over a 1,000 hits in the first few weeks!

This means, to me, that there is a real need for frank and open advice about how to manage a job search in today’s challenging employment market. I am researching the idea to publish as a self-help book, but I want to make sure that the information I offer is not just subjective and from my own point of view.

So if you had the choice, or thinking back about when and how you started looking for our next job: What do you wish you knew? Is there anything that would have made it easier for you, any knowledge that would have simplified and speeded up the process, making it less painful at the same time?

I would welcome your questions and stories. By replying to the blog, sending a quick email to, responding via LinkedIn or Tweeting (@cathyrecruit) me with your thoughts, your ideas and experiences will tell me about the best subject matter to include, or to blog about.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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