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Sales Opportunities Automotive Aftermarket Nationwide

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The Aftermarket is loosening up!

2009 was a strong trading year for most of the organisations that manufacture or distribute parts for the independent automotive aftermarket. However, everyone had to tighten their belts due to the recession and this lead to a major reduction in recruitment, and in some cases large scale redundancies to reduce costs.

Now, as the economy improves, there is a real competition developing in the market for experience, professional sales people.

We even established a referral scheme to reward those who put us in contact with placeable candidates!

We will be very happy to hear from experienced Territory Sales Managers, Business Development Managers or Key Account Managers currently working for the major parts factors, buying groups, manufacturers or parts distributors.  If you want to improve your career path and earning potential or working environment, now is the time to do it!

Please call Cathy Richardson on 0845 269 9085 for a totally confidential discussion.


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