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HireFridayUK – An alternative way to find your next job.

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Don’t miss out! There is a great new place to give yourself exposure as a job seeker, and to make direct contact with hiring employers and progressive recruiters.

HireFridayUK (#HFUK) is here! And its totally free for everyone on Twitter.

For Job Seekers: Every Friday, tweet #HFUK with your job title and location. This will create a feed where Recruiters and Employers can find you.

For agencies, recruiters and employers: Tweet #HFUK with your job title, location and possibly a link to the online job. But no spam please! This is about real jobs, real opportunities and real connections. This creates a feed for potentially suitable  job seekers can find you.

For everyone else: Retweet, retweet, and retweet again! If you know someone looking for a job, tweet about them. If you know of a job going somewhere, tweet about it. This is about making connections and getting dignity back for the work seeker.

Keep track of all the tweets through joining the #HFUK twub, or by following the #HFUK hashtag.


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