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2010 – Recruitment with a difference!

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Following the carnage of 2009, the candidate market seems flooded with people looking for work. This was pressed home for me over the festive period.

As all business people seem to do at the end of each year, I was in planning mode and thinking positively about how I was going to launch my business into the Automotive Aftermarket early in 2010. This is a market I know very well and have worked in substantially for many years. So attracting candidates at senior level is not an issue for me.

However, as a diversification and extension of my service offering I believe it is important to address all seniority levels within the target client market to enable a broader solution. This means a potentially higher demand on candidates from my database to solve contingency recruitment problems. And a fresh, up to date database is a real asset in the recruitment world.

So I advertised very broadly over Christmas and New Year for candidates to populate my database in the areas of customer service, branch management and sales. The ads where well written, making it quite clear that applications would be saved in the database for consideration against future opportunities.

I gained over 800 applications in  only 2 weeks!

Clearly, a proportion of this response will not be of sound enough calibre for the database but that still leaves a large number of job seekers, whether redundant, currently employed or soon to be out of work. 

The laws of supply and demand are clear – We see what happens to prices before Christmas. They spiral, only to be cut to rock bottom in the New Year sales.

I stand between a large number of people looking for work, and their potential employers. It makes sense for me to apply the laws of supply and demand to get this cycle moving. In so doing I might hopefully help at least a small number of these candidates into employment whilst also helping my clients to gain good new employees.

I am offering a 30% discount against all new vacancies placed in January, and fulfilled with  a candidate registered during December.

I think this concept might be slightly different to the normal approach in recruitment, and there is potentially a risk of my brand (Currently aimed at senior level search recruitment) to become devalued. But I am aiming this campaign at the automotive aftermarket – The distribution supply chain and motor factoring market where a good deal and proactive marketing strategies go hand in hand. It seems an appropriate approach for this market.

Will it be a successful campaign? I will know at the end of January! For now, my intentions are good and I trust that the market responds well to some creative thinking aimed at generating a three-way win in the recruitment process.


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